TRABAT, with the participation of the most prestige prime contractors, can avail itself of having carried out amazing and magnificent creations. In addition to this luxurious workmanship, of all beauty, leading towards perfection, TRABAT, who has for its leitmotif, the love of its work, is as equally proud to be implemented in more humble constructions, on a more modest level.

TRABAT has therefore been able to refine the quality of its work, of its performances, very envied today. The company is now carrying outnew constructions, restorations, for private individuals but also for hotels, businesses, restaurants public areas etc..

On TRABAT 's list of accomplishments:

• 556 new villas
• 157 villa renovation projects
• 3 town houses
• 245 swimming pools
• Town halls (Grimaud (village), Maison du four in La Môle, extension of the Saint-Tropez Town Hall)
• 1 shopping mall (Passage du Port in Saint-Tropez)
• 1 museum
• 1 factory
• 1 Château renovation project (Château de Borelli in the Parcs de Saint-Tropez)
• 4 restaurants
• 1 car park
• 2 ports
• 4 hotels
• 2 schools
• 23 apartment buildings
• 4 shopping centres
• 1 winery
• 1 hangar
• 2 treatment plants
• 1 palace

Leaving a deep impression especially on :

• La Résidence des Parcs de Saint-Tropez, where TRABAT has built the majority of the villas with pools. 
• Real estate programs with La Cité Lacustre in Port-Grimaud.

Colossal prizewinning renovations with these worthy of notice: 
Château Borelly
• Chapelle Sainte-Anne
• Salle Jean Despas
• Hôtel de la Pinède
• Hôtel Byblos
• Gendarmerie's living quarters on Route des Plages